Updated 6/19/2019

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Ensemble Availability

Generations Chamber Ensemble is available for both private parties and public performances.  Interested parties may contact Jim Garcia by email for additional information.

The size and number of musicians availability for a each performance will be determined on a case by case basis.  Factors that affect the number musicians available for a performance are: type of performance, number of musicians requested, and the availability of musicians.

Ensemble Demo
Music Samples

Ensemble Repertoire in Midi/MP3 format
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Ensemble Live Recordings
Listed below

Click on name to listen to a 30 second sound clip unless otherwise noted

Breathless                                                                                              James Signorile
     Prelude (4 minutes)
     Passages (2 minutes)
        For flute quartet (Michelle Pugliese, et. al..)

Five Part English Concert                                               William Brade (c.1560-c.1630)
     Almond (click to listen to mp3 recording; 1:50)

I Wonder As I Wander (5MB, 3 minutes)                                               Appalachian Carol

La Folia                                                                                                        Anonymous
     Corelli Version (1 minute 37 seconds)
        For Generations Chamber Ensemble                                                 arr. Jim Garcia

Sonata in f Opus 1 No. 1 (Priestman IX)                                                John Loeillet
     Grave (Movement I)
     Allegro (Movement XI)
        For flute, oboe, cello, and piano (continuo)

Sonata No. 6                                                                       Giovanni Battista Sammartini
     Andante (1st movement) (2:46)
     Allegro (2nd movement) (3:06)
          For two flutes and keyboard (Michelle Pugliese, et. al.

Six Trios, Op. 82                                                               Antonin Reicha (1770-1836)

Terzetto                                                                           Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)
     Largo (2 minutes 20 seconds)
     Allegro (2 minutes 49 seconds)
         For two flutes and clarinet

Watermusic                                                                                             G. F. Handel
   Movement Number 12                                                                      trans. Jim Garcia
   Click Here for sample music
      For Generations Chamber Ensemble